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IIMO Tricycle 1

IDR 160.000 (2 weeks)

Winner of a Kids Design Award in 2010, the Iimo Tricycle is ergonomically designed for young riders, providing a stress-free and safe environment for children to experience the joy of mobility - and look fantastic when doing it! The large steering handle on the back means that parents can assist their child as he or she learns to cycle Meanwhile, the safety guard keeps the rider firmly inside the seat, as if Mom or Dad has their arms around them. Along with an extra foot rest for younger kids, there are locks on the back wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving when you're not watching, and the whole tricycle's height can be easily adjusted to fit different sized riders Likewise, the front pedals can be folded up if the rider is still not ready for them yet and wants to first push themselves along with their feet. And the best thing? This trike comes in two colors (Eternity Red, Comfort Brown) and looks brilliant!

Suitable for ages 1.5 to 4 years
Available Colors: Eternity Red
Material : PVC, safety for kids with Japan & Europe standard and also SNI
Adjustable height: 75-89 cm
Brakes: wheel locks on back wheels
Size: 440 x 640 x 750 mm
Weight: 6 kg

IIMO Tricycle 2

IDR 180.000 (2 weeks)

This IIMO 2 tricycle is the stylish way to teach your kids how to ride a bicycle and perfect for people who lives in a city or who don't have much space at home.
It is a fold up first trike that makes learning to ride a fun experience.

Ages : 1.5 to 4 years
Weight : 7 kg
Height adjustment: 77 Cm - 100 Cm